Roll-In Services

If you have other retirement accounts, rolling them into your employer-sponsored plan or a MissionSquare IRA might help simplify your savings. Before moving money from one retirement account to another, weigh your options. Key differences exist depending on the plan, the financial provider, and your personal situation.

What Is a Roll-In?

A roll-in is the transfer of funds from one retirement account to another. A roll-in can be moving money from a previous employer-sponsored retirement account to a new employer-sponsored retirement account, like a 457(b), 401(a), or 401(k) or to a Traditional or Roth IRA.

Benefits of a Roll-In

A roll-in can offer you:

A clearer picture of your retirement savings

Simpler tracking of Required Minimum Distributions

Continued tax-deferred or tax-free benefits

Ongoing support from your MissionSquare team

Ready To Roll?

We make the process simple. Enroll online or schedule an appointment with a Roll-In Specialist for assistance.

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Is a Roll-In Right for Me?

Before moving money from one retirement account to another, weigh your options. Use the checklist to decide if a retirement account roll-in is right for you:

Evaluate Investment Options, Fees, and Services

Compare your accounts and determine which one offers more or better investment options, lower fees and expenses, and/or additional, or a higher level of, services.

Explore an IRA

Consider rolling into a Traditional or Roth IRA vs. an employer-sponsored plan, which can add flexibility to your retirement savings portfolio when you begin making withdrawals because of their different tax benefits. Make sure you review the IRA rules before initiating a roll-in.

Know the Tax Implications

A penalty tax generally applies to withdrawals from retirement plans before age 59½. Exceptions to this tax can differ depending on the type of retirement plan you have.

Check for Creditor Protection

Depending on your state’s laws, an employer-sponsored retirement plan may offer greater protection from creditors and legal judgments.

Consider Your Portfolio

If your retirement savings are scattered across many accounts, it can be difficult to get a clear picture of your finances and manage your investments, including rebalancing regularly and tracking Required Minimum Distributions.

MissionSquare does not provide tax advice. You’re encouraged to consult a tax professional to review your specific tax situation.

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